Hempura 250mg (2.5%) CBD Oil (10ml)

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Scientific analysis reveals that CBD oil is rich in active cannabinoids, a group of compounds that play a  crucial role in the maintenance of body homoeostasis.

Cannabinoids including CBD.
Terpenes – The substance found in CBD oil that gives the unique aroma of cannabis. They are also commonly found in herbs, fruits and plants.
Flavonoids – Polyphenolic compounds that possess high anti-oxidant properties.
Phytonutrients – Phytonutrients are the chemicals produced by hemp for it to stay healthy.

All the latest research suggests that CBD is of immense benefit to our health and well-being, more research is ongoing into how CBD is great for our physical and mental wellness. The 250mg bottle of pure Hempura UK CBD oil which we supply, is derived from a strain of hemp in the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD oil is a legal relative of cannabis which does not have any of the psychoactive properties as it only contains tiny amounts of THC.

Hempura CBD oil is not addictive and very safe to use on a daily basis. It is also free from artificial additives and is loaded with body enhancing, 100% cannabinoids. No pesticides or harmful flavours are found in this brand of pure CBD oil which is extracted from legally and organically grown hemp plants.

Cannabis sativa hemp extract, hemp oil.

If this is your first time taking CBD oil, this is the perfect brand for you. The manufacturers, recommend starting with 10mg-15mg CBD per day and to build the dose gradually over a period of time. Only a small amount of oil is needed by our body to reap all the benefits. If too much is taken too soon, benefits can actually be reduced. To start with, take 6 drops twice per day of this CBD oil (~15.0mg), this is the ideal amount to begin. If the benefits are not achieved or seem to decrease as the contents of the bottle get low, then it may be a good idea to use a stronger oil next time. To take simply place the oil beneath the tongue for the best possible absorption and bioavailability of the cannabinoids within the CBD oil.

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