Hempura 100mg Refined CBD Vape Juice with Terpenes (10ml)

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Heating CBD enables it to have increased absorption and effectiveness in the body. For this reason, this refined hemp extract CBD vape juice is an optimal method proven for the intake of CBD. When inhaling CBD using a vaporizer, the active compounds get into the  bloodstream via the lungs quickly where they are transported throughout the body. When compared to oral intake, vaping avoids the liver breaking down many of CBD’s beneficial compounds which reduces its potency.

Vaping offers the advantage getting faster onset of the therapeutic effects, as well as a higher bioavailability of CBD. Thanks to the enhanced natural citrus terpene flavour of our organic e-juice, vaping CBD is not only highly effective but gentle and pleasant as well. Our full-spectrum CBD vape juice ican be used with all commercially available vaporisers and e-cigarettes. The CBD vape liquid is free of artificial flavours and thus guarantees the full experience of pure CBD.

These compounds include:

  • Cannabinoids – Such as CBD / cannabidiol.
  • Terpenes – Natural substances commonly found in herbs, fruits, flowers and plants. They give CBD its unique aroma and character of effect.

We firmly believe the benefits of CBD can only be achieved by preserving the original composition of the natural ingredients found in hemp. This refined extract CBD vape juice is 100% organic, free of additives and is safe to consume. Hempura CBD products are obtained from regionally grown, EU-certified organic hemp farms and produced under strict GMP standards.

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