Vitamin C Powder - 80g

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Vitamin C Powder plus Bio-Flavonoids  - 80g Pot

New - Handy Pot, Ideal to take out and about with you

Everyone is brought up to know that Vitamin C is probably the most importrant dietry element for maintaining optimum Health and support of our Immune System. However, Natural Vitamin C is not just one nutrient, but a complex of factors common in fruits, vegetables and many other foods.

This vitamin C complex preparation combines ascorbic acid, ascorbates and bioflavonoids in a powdered form with a natural, orange taste.

This is ideal as part of your daily supplement program.

A serving of 1/2 a teaspoon of this Vitamin C powder provides 1.8g* of Vitamin C including the added bioflavonoids, which help the body to absorb the vitamin more readily. A pleasant orange taste is provided by natural orange oil.

This pot provides over 44 x 1.8g doses or 80x 1g doses

With a long shelf life one tub can provide several weeks supply for all the family, or a single person with several months supply of their daily vitamin C requirement. Excellent Value for Money when compared with other products found in high street stores which only provide doses of as little as 60mgs in tablet or capsule form.

Credence Vitamin C with Bio-Flavonoids Supplement Facts Credence Vitamin C with Bio-Flavonoids Suggested Usage

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