Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids Flat Pot (90)

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Vitamin C Plus Bioflavonoids 90 x 1.3g Tablets

Corona Virus Protective Nutrient

Packed in "Letterbox Friendly" Pots or Re-sealable Polybags

Everyone is brought up to know that Vitamin C is probably the most importrant dietry element for maintaining optimum Health and the support of our Immune System. However, Genuine Vitamin C is not one nutrient, but a complex of factors common in fruits, vegetables and many other foods.

This Vitamin C complex preparation combines Ascorbic acid, Rosehip extract and citrus Bioflavonoids.

This is ideal as part of your daily supplement program, especially in these times where keeping free of disease is more challenging than ever. Handy for both Adults and Children.

* This pack provides 90 x 1.3g doses providing 1000mg / 1g of Vitamin C 

Excellent Value for Money when compared with other products found in high street stores some of which provide doses of as little as 60mgs

Please note :  Unlike the Vitamin C "chewables" we have sold previously, these tablets are very strong and we would not recommend they are chewed. Although we have taken them ourselves by gently sucking on them until dissolved and also by swallowing with water.

For those who have difficulty with swallowing tablets it may be easier to break them in half. They could also be crushed into a powder and mixed with water.

Multi-Pack Discounts : 2 packs (180 tbs)  £19.00 *** 3 packs (270 tbs)  £25.50 *** 4 packs (360 tbs) £30.00

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