Colloidal Silver 200ml + half price 100ml pocket spray

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Worried about your health and wether handwashes contain unhealthy chemical ingredients?

Collidal silver has been around for year and offers a SAFE and effective solution to keep bacteria and virus at bay.

We are offering a deal contraining a handy half price spray and refill bottle (while stocks last).

The spray bottle is ideal to carry in a pocket or bag for those times when you may wish to refresh you hands whilst out and about.


Before the discovery of antibiotics, colloidal silver was a popular antibacterial treatment. Test-tube studies have shown that colloidal silver can kill a wide range of bacteria. This has translated to its use in some healthcare products like wound creams, wound dressings and medical equipment.

However, due to the risks associated with ingesting colloidal silver, the effects of doing so have not been tested as an antibacterial treatment in humans.


Proponents of colloidal silver also claim that it can have antiviral effects in your body. Some studies have suggested that different types of silver nanoparticles may help kill viral compounds.

However, the amount of nanoparticles in a colloid solution can vary, and a recent study found colloidal silver to be ineffective at killing viruses, even in test-tube conditions.


Colloidal silver is also said to be capable of treating fungal infections.One test-tube study showed it may stop the growth of some strains of fungi. However, many things can kill fungi in a lab, and this doesn't mean that colloidal silver can treat fungal infections in humans.