The Truth Injection

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The Truth Injection... it might just save your Health and even your Life

This presentation was one of Ian R Crane most powerful presentations which was, recorded live at the Glastonbury Symposium in 2009 It uncovers truth about the Swine Flu outbreak, the Donald Rumsfeld connection and manipulated media exposure of the MP’s expenses scandal which seemed to break in a seemed perfectly timed fashion. Ian delves much deeper into EU Totalitarianism and the restrictions designed to shred our basic freedoms, by the introduction of Napoleonic laws that will impact upon everyday life.

Concerns are also raised regarding the murder of the two french Bio-Chemistry students in London in July 2008 and the disturbing EU plans to legalise Paedophilia.

This is a presentation that will keep you engaged from start to finish and in 2020/2021 the similarities between Swine Flu and The unfolding events around Corona Virus / Covid19 are profound

Maybe it's a real 'The Truth Injection' that the population needs... A real life saver!!!

Running time: 70 mins

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