The Age of "Smart" Pollution - DVD compilation

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An Alternative View DVD compilation
The objectives of the last world war have continued to be worked towards ever since the ending of hostilities in 1945. What are these issues you may ask, the generally hidden information covered in this special “Alternative View” DVD set, reveals some unsettling facts.
DVD1 – We will not be chipped – A revealing 2009 documentary. See the history behind early human inventory systems used by the Nazis, developments that have and are still taking place now in the internet and technology age. Those that have for generations, wanted to rule and gain total control our planet have not given up with the attempt to reach their goals. Hitler, the Nazis and the unholy alliance they had with with IBM may be consigned to the history books, but the agenda still continues.
DVD2 – The Human Micro-chipping Agenda – A presentation given by Greg Nikolettos at the AV3 event in Bristol November 2009. Revealing how far down the road we are with an agenda of micro-chipping and other technology. Combined, it is taking us to a “Borg” like future similar to the collective portrayed in Star Trek. In addition to covering more of the history as with DVD1, this all-encompassing lecture reveals how world governments, Google, Microsoft and others will utilise census data along with that harvested from RFID, DNA and biometric sources transmitted via satellites and stored away in global databases. The plan is to usher in a new society of ‘chipped’ individuals. Fuelled by the ‘war on terror’ the intention for us and those yet to be born is to serve a mainframe. Is it that the “Matrix” series of films has hit the mark and a warning of what is to come? That is IF we the People don't stop letting this technology infiltrate our daily lives.
Whilst the first 2 DVD's cover the history and agendas being played out, the following 2 titles show what brave dedicated, ordinary people can achieve. Imagine what we could collectively do if each and every one of us was to put a small amount of time and effort towards bringing this insanity to and end !
DVD3 – The Smart Agenda - Mike Mitcham is a researcher and campaigner with a background in IT systems consulting. In January 2012, he co-founded “Stop Smart Meters! (UK)” to raise awareness among the public about the hidden dangers of Smart Meters and our rights to refuse them. The word 'SMART' is used to describe the ultimate in technological development. The inference being that our lives will be made easier if we embrace the 'SMART' Agenda... In his presentation at the the AV5 event in Daventry May 2014, Mike shares his unique insight and perspective into the realities of the pernicious intent behind the 'SMART' revolution, with particular focus on Smart Meters and the threats they represent to our health, privacy, safety, grid security and energy bills.
DVD4 - Sleepwalking into a Surveillance State - Pippa King has for the past decade been at the forefront of the resistance against the use of Biometrics and RFID monitoring in schools and colleges. Through the prolific use of Freedom of Information Requests (FOIR's), Pippa has been able to establish where when and how these surveillance and tracking tools are introduced... and then strives to get them shut down. It is primarily thanks to Pippa's tenacity that all UK students are NOT yet wearing active RFID devices! Her presentation at the AV6 event in 2015 is essential viewing for all parents.
S-self M-monitoring A-and R-reporting* T-technology
In other words - It monitors and reports Everything that you use it for!
* Using Wi-fi and Mobile  (microwave band) frequencies. The energy of which can severley damage cells and DNA in the human body. All in all technology that's Not Very Smart for You!

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