As common as salt shakers are to our kitchen, so is the number of diseases associated with table salt’s use, many people are not aware that our regular table salt is NOT the substance that our bodies need. It is only Sodium and Chloride, not real salt. Natural crystal salt on the other hand consists of over EIGHTY natural minerals in trace amounts, not just the TWO in common table salt. That is the reason why we are told to reduce our intake of it. Some researchers mistakenly think we should not be consuming salt of any kind as early humans wouldn't have. However when you apply logic, it's obvious that primitive humans ate naturally so their plant based food and even meat would have contained the level of minerals required. Today, even those of us who eat healthy are not getting enough of all vital minerals as the farm soils have been depleted due to intensive farming. Fields are no longer left to lay “fallow” for rain and the weather to replenish the mineral content. Because of this we are deficient in minerals unless we supplement in some way. Adding Himalayan salt to food and / or occasionally bathing in it is a great and low cost way of doing this. It needs to be learned that without minerals (and enzymes), vitamins cannot provide their full benefit. It is also possible that a lack of minerals is responsible for the high number of people now with diabetes.

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