Guide Book to Vitamin D

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The Essential Guide - Vitamin D

This 44 page softcover books' purpose is to provide you with an overview of research which has uncovered the many benefits and uses of Vitamin D, historically it has been sidelined as an important nutrient even though it's deficiency has in the past been the cause of soft bones, osteoporosis & rickets. However, very recently various studies have changed the understanding of what exactly this nutrient is and how it works in the body and synergistically with other elements.

The book is a useful summary of what the experts are saying about vitamin D and how indeed the body has been designed to process sunlight in optimal amounts to prevent disease and even fix the things that make us sick.


A Quote from the Book

"This is like the holy Grail of cancer medicine. Vitamin D produced a drop in cancer rates greater that that for quitting smoking, or indeed any other countermeasure in existance." ~ Dennis Mangan, clinical laboratory scientist.

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