Seagreens Organic Mineral Salt (90g)

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Seagreens® Organic Mineral Salt - 90g

Genuine Seagreens® Ingredients

Great way to maintain healthy levels of minerals

An ideal mineral balanced alternative to table salt. Use wherever salt is used, significantly broaden the nutritional profile of your food.

Seagreens® Organic Mineral Salt contains 50% Cornish Sea Salt and 50% Seagreens® classic ready-milled grains of wild Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.

It can be used in everything from soups to risottos – or wherever salt is used – and sprinkled onto almost any raw or cooked food.

The Mineral Salt is a unique combination of Organic seaweed from Seagreens’ sustainable harvesting in the Scottish Outer Hebrides and Soil Association certified sea salt from the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, England.

This 50/50 mix of Ascophyllum nodosum wrack seaweed and unrefined salt provides a healthy condiment option - no other natural food has a complete balance of minerals, trace elements and micronutrients.

Consumers responded enthusiastically to its introduction at food and health shows in the last quarter of 2010: “lovely flavour”; “just as good as salt & pepper”; “fantastic value”.

The Hebridean Seagreens factory won the 2010 Crown Estate Marine Enterprise Award and Cornish Sea Salt won a Gold Food Award. Replacing sodium chloride in manufactured foods has been top of Seagreens research agenda since 2007.

The Seaweed Health Foundation  was set up 2009 with health food and academic partners. Talking about alt reduction with Seagreens, researcher Dr Andrew Fairclough said: "Factor in the other health benefits of seaweed and this could have a massive effect on the food industry, and impact the health of millions".
Why not Give it Try!!!
Here are some other facts relating to this fabulous product:-

Typical mineral and trace element profile in 2 grams of unrefined Atlantic sea salt and Seagreens® Organic wrack seaweed (about half a teaspoon):


Nutrient           Salt        Seaweeed         Salt + Seaweed
Boron              0.002        120.00              120.00 µg
Calcium            8.20          40.00               48.20 mg
Chloride        1257.80       (chlorine)           1257.80 mg
Cobalt             4.00          10.8                14.80 μg
Copper             2.00           0.40                2.40 μg
Germanium          0.002        780.00              780.00 μg
Gold               2.00         780.00              780.00 μg
Iodine           200.00        1200.00             1400.00 μg
Iron             568.00        1150.00             1718.00 μg
Magnesium         62.40          14.00             1794.40 mg
Manganese          6.00          60.00               66.00 μg
Molybdenum        14.00           1.30               15.30 μg
Phosphorus         0.79           3.00                3.79 mg
Platinum           8.00           0.001               8.00 μg
Potassium         12.80          62.00               74.80 mg
Selenium           4.00           0.30                4.30 μg
Silicon            5.40           2.00                7.40 mg
Silver             0.062          0.001              0.063 μg
Sodium           618.40          70.00              688.40 mg
Sulphur           23.40          60.00               83.40 mg
Vanadium          12.00           4.60               16.60 μg
Zinc               2.00         260.00              262.00 μg



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