Silicium G5

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Organic Silicon G5

500 ml
  • Increases the skins elasticity and firmness
  • Increases the density of collagen and elastin fibers
  • Younger looking skin
  • Strengthens hair, skin and nails
  • Regulates Calcium
  • For strong bones and healthy joints
  • Supports & preserves Cartilage


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Silicon has also long been thought of as one of those vital elements for well-being. Scientific papers have for years confirmed the beneficial results of taking it. Like other things that nature provides it has not been well publicised,  even though taking silicon for dietary reasons is essential for normal growth.

Tissues in the heart, blood vessels, bone, joints, skin, hair and nails containing collagen require silicon for normal development and function. Silicon also provides benefits to maintain healthy arteries and the prevention of cholesterol plaque build up.
The consumption of organic silicon have been shown to increase hip bone density in female patients of older years who suffer with osteoporosis. But it's not just something to take when getting older. Younger adults, both women and men also respond well to taking high amounts of silicon to increase bone mineral density.     It has an important role relating to brain function and ability of silicon to bind to aluminium and neutralise its toxicity. As high levels of aluminium build up in the body have been linked to Alzheimer's and Dementia, could this simple element when taken regularly be a solution to helping with these problems?

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