The Essential Guide to Vitamin C

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This 54 page soft-cover books' purpose is to provide you with an overview of research which has uncovered the many benefits and uses of Vitamin C, of all the vitamins that exist this is an absolute essential one for keeping you healthy. It can help with preventing illness and fighting disease. It does not however have a a great commercial benefit for those commercial organisations that are only interested in making profit percentages that some would view as being obscene.


Vitamin C is either maligned, ignored, taken for granted and despite the fact that Humans cannot exist without it. Importantly our bodies do not produce it or have the ability to store the vitamin for any reasonable period of time.


Written by both Phillip Day and Nicholas Cockayne of Credence Publications, this Guide lifts the veil on the important facts surrounding the vitamin in question. Don't continue to watch your loved ones and friends come down with preventable health problems, grab a copy today and pass it around. The small amount of time invested in reading could provide valuable knowledge to maintain a healthier life style, one in which happiness and vibrancy are by products!





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