Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-On 50ml

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This crystal deodorant forms a natural topical layer on the skin creating an environment where bacteria cannot thrive. Most products available elsewhere just mask odour with perfumed scents, alcohol, or chemicals which clog the pores, stopping the natural release of toxins. Protect your health and wellbeing by eliminating odour-causing bacteria naturally without the possible negative side effects.

Prevent body odour for good in a good way.

  • 100% Natural Mineral Salts
  • Hypoallergenic & Not Tested On Animals
  • Suitable For Both Men And Women
  • Recommended By Cancer Treatment Centres Nationwide

Crystal Body Deodorant is NOT tested on animals, is safe for the environment and recommended by cancer treatment centres nationwide. The Crystal deodorants are composed of natural mineral salts eliminate the odour-causing bacteria and thus prevening t body odour.

Made with 100% natural mineral salts. Hypoallergenic, Fragrance-free, Paraben free, Non-Sticky, Non-Staining, Dries quickly with no white residue. Can be used by both Men and Women.

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