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The Truth about Salt

Within the body salt is connected to many physiological processes. Himalayan salt, works in a harmonious way with the body as it contains an (almost) identical set of elements to those inside us which is 84 of the possible 92 trace minerals in nature. They are also in similar proportions as exists in our blood.

In recent years we have been told to cut down on both what we add to our food and the amount of processed foods we eat that have  levels of salt in them. However, salt is vital for the human body as it works in combination with water and helps to regulate fluid balance. To maintain a high level of health we need this delicate balance maintained.  Table salt is mainly sodium chloride with additives, and is an aggressive substance, which the body struggles to neutralise. Himalayan crystal salt on the other hand is unprocessed and contains a host of natural minerals and elements that are familiar to our bodies.

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