The importance of these nutrients are often overlooked, even by those trainied in nutrition. Dr. Wong is a world renowned expert in this field and one of his observatons is that after 3 days without these crucial elements we would be dead. Enzymes are the key which unlocks all the positive actions and processes that vitamins, minerals and other food factors perform. Importantly as adults from our mid 20's our own bodies production of systemic enzymes dimish rapidly as we only have the abilty to produce so many over our lifetime, so from this point it is important that we eat more enzyme rich foods or supplement with an adequate amount on a daily basis. When this information is known it makes a lot of sense that middle aged and older people are the groups that suffer many inflamortary illnesses along with other degenerative conditions and cancers.

Enzymes are produced in the body by the pancreas, but this does have a limited capacity.

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