Health Facts

Bitter leaf, (Vernonia amygdalina). A shrub native to Africa. Used for centuries in traditional medicine, cuisine, and a natural pesticide. Mainly in West Africa its leaves are a staple vegetable used in soups and stews.
It’s been used in traditional medicine as it contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It’s said they have hypoglycaemic and hypolipidaemic properties, giving  potential to manage diabetes and high cholesterol. The plant’s extracts have also been shown to have anti-cancer properties. Bitter leaf is also natural pesticide and used to make a light-colored honey. The dried leaves are also   used to prepare meat dishes and the bark of the plant is also be used to make a tea.
In summary: Bitter leaf is a versatile and nutritious plant with a long history being used in  traditional medicine, cuisine, and as a natural pesticide. It’s medicinal properties provide a valuable resource for managing several health conditions.
Vegetable Oils
The public has been told for a long time that vegetable oils are healthy, and advised to avoid butter, coconut oil and saturated fats. Research is now indicating that’s an outright lie. Facts are: foods like corn oil, whole wheat bread, and many others marketed as "Healthy" can age your body faster, while foods like coconut oil, butter from grass-fed cows, avocados, and other healthy (and saturated) fats can make your body and mind feel years younger! We now have come to know that like several industries over the years, the promotion of egetable oils and demonisation of others as mentoned above was the realisation long ago about how much profit could be consistantly generated by the growing, harvesting, and production of oils from various vegetable crops. It was not about offering the healthiest products to the population but those which were the biggest revenue generator.
Updated: 13/06/2024