Free Presentation - Sometime after reading some research about how chemo was harming healthy medical staff we created a short audio presentation adding informastion from our own years of research. Following the events of 2020/21 we see a similarity with the roll-out of the various jabs around the world - perfectly healthy people being persuaded and coerced to having a 'medication' for sometjhing they have a negligable chance of contracting. 

Have a listen to "Chemotherapy - Cure or profit Generator"  - See what you think and if you would like to let us knoiw your thoughts or share any knowledge you may have with us just email we would love to hear from you.

 Chemotherapy Cure or Profit Generator

Health Facts

Vegetable Oils - Updated January 2022

The public has been told for a long time that vegetable oils are healthy, and advised to avoid butter, coconut oil and saturated fats. Research is now indicating that’s an outright lie. Facts are: foods like corn oil, whole wheat bread, and many others marketed as "Healthy" can age your body faster, while foods like coconut oil, butter from grass-fed cows, avocados, and other healthy (and saturated) fats can make your body and mind feel years younger! We now have come to know that like several industries over the years, the promotion of egetable oils and demonisation of others as mentoned above was the realisation long ago about how much profit could be consistantly generated by the growing, harvesting, and production of oils from various vegetable crops. It was not about offering the healthiest products to the population but those which were the biggest revenue generator.