Your Health DVD Collection

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Your Health - Seven Keys to Survival in a Post-Antibiotic World

4 Disc DVD Collection

Excellent Value for such Important Presentations and Information

£ 6.25 per DVD / £ 3.13 per presentation

Recorded live on Sunday 2nd November 2014 at the Ramada Birmingham-Sutton Coldfield Hotel, England.

We have only seven years to stop a UK health apocalypse

  • World class international speakers outline the possibilities
  • Facts and qualified research to encourage a transformation
  • Knowledge that can save you, your friends, and your family - now
  • Be informed about your options - how to stay alive and healthy

On this four DVD set...

  • A Welcome from Daisy Jones, MC & Dr Graham Downing, the Organiser

The Seven Keys:

  • Jayney Goddard: Holistic Immunology in Infectious Diseases
  • Dr George J Georgiou: Russian Space-Age Medicine for You
  • Dr Lyn Hanshew: Modern Use of Silver for Infection Control
  • Dr Peter H Kay: Using your DNA Blueprint for Optimum Health
  • Scott Tips: Health Legislation Hidden in Plain Sight
  • Dr Tom Levy: Stopping Infections with Vitamin C
  • alex:g: The Pandemic Apocalypse in Film and TV

Bonus :- 'Doomwatch' Variant 52

Hosted by alex:g & Lexy Manning with guests Terry Chimes, Jayney Goddard and Clive De Carle.





A Doomwatch Events Production for Doomwatch.TV in Association with the UK Column and Visual Laboratories.

Your Health DVD Collection



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