World Without Cancer DVD Documentary

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DVD - A World Without Cancer - the Story of Vitamin B17.

There is substantial scientific evidence that cancer is simply caused by a vitamin deficiency of vitamin B17.Vitamin B17 has consequently been banned by the pharmaceutical industry in most countries and is now only available on prescription from metabolic doctors - if you can even find one.

If Required, Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin B17 Can be Obtained Here

This documentary is based on the book written by Edward G Griffin. It was originally a video VHS recording made several years ago and more recently been made available in the DVD format. The evidence collated here leaves one with no doubt that big business has been using scare tactics to protect it's vast money generating "health" & drug industry.

There is proof (lots of it!) that Cancer is no more difficult to eradicate than Scurvy was in the past. The only thing that stands in the way is the greed of people and organisations who wish a continuation of their "industry of disease" and of course the lack of media coverage informing people of the natural approaches that can be taken to control cancer and eradicate many of other life threatening diseases which plague our "western" civilisation.


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