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A great product which enables you to get your daily dose of essential minerals and trace elements in an easily absorbed form. Give your body the best chance of achieving vibrant health.

The important role of Minerals (and Enzymes) are still generally overlooked even by some professional nutritionists, and lifestyle "experts" when providing advice for those people who have a desire to become and remain healthy. We explain below the reasons for their importance.

"Life Minerals" is rich with naturally occurring minerals which are obtained from deposits of humic shale/clay in North America. Massive deposits were formed by plants growing in the region thousands of years ago. The mineral rich layers of organic matter have been protected by a layer of sandstone. They contain more than 70 different minerals and trace minerals.

Colloidal Minerals provide the structural material for bone and teeth formation. The belief that Calcium is all important is not entirely correct and cannot do this alone. In fact, supplementing with other forms of isolated calcium on it's own, as quite often prescribed, can cause depletion in the body of many other important minerals essential to maintaining good health. Colloidal Minerals contain calcium in the most absorbent form in nature. Minerals which are derived from plants are the type which our body requires.

Colloidal Minerals are the most easily absorbed of all mineral supplements. This is because being liquid with an ultra fine particle size of 0.001 microns in diameter, they are approximately 2000 times smaller than the smallest metallic mineral, which enables them to be easily absorbed.

In the modern era of agriculture, the growing of crops in the same soil year after year has depleted minerals available to plants. As a consequence, many researchers are saying that we are not getting the same nutritional value from foods as previous generations did. An additional problem is the use of chemical fertilisers which have also depleted the micro organisms which are usually present in the soil around the roots of plants enabling them to convert the metallic elements into an organic/colloidal form.

Consuming Life Minerals on a regular basis is a great and convenient way to supplement your diet, giving you confidence and the knowing you are receiving some of those essential nutritional requirements.

Why we are Short of Minerals - A Summary.

Soil depletion: As mentioned above, modern farming practices and the mineral depletion of the soil our foods are grown in. Fertilizers that are used only replace a few of the major minerals which are potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. This combination is known as NPK fertiliser and contains very little of the other trace minerals.

Food storage: Much of the harvested food is stored for long periods of time before being consumed. This lowers the nutrient value of the food.

Food refining: The further the food has travelled from the original source, the fewer the nutrients. Not to mention the processing which produces foods like cakes, biscuits, pasta which have the least.

Poor diet: Typically the western diet lacks many nutritional elements.

Chemicals and pollutants in the environment: The more chemicals we are exposed to, the harder our bodies elimination system has to work in order to expel the toxins which involves using more energy, minerals and other essential nutrients.

So what about organically grown plants? Even though these will have much lower levels of pollutants and are healthier due to a "cleaner"  growing environment, the soil in most parts of the world is still mineral deficient. It also needs to be noted that all minerals required for health are rarely found in one place or another where crops are grown, and that includes organic farming areas.

Colloidal Minerals are undoubtedly the best way to replenish deficiency. When a person craves coffee, sweets, chocolate, fatty foods, salt etc. it is their body's signal that certain minerals are lacking. As your body is unable to provide a specific signal to which ones it is actually deficient in, it is wise to take action and supplement with the complete range of minerals, any that are in excess are safely eliminated.

Colloidal Minerals - Benefits.
1) Help prevent cravings.
2) Balance out your mineral status.
3) Provide all the essential minerals and trace elements.

Life Minerals helps provide the right balance with 70 in total. All able to promote good health, a strong immune system, aid injury repair, help with recovery from illness and very importantly, helps you to feel great. Get YOUR daily nutritional needs with just 1 glass of water!

Bottle size 500ml. Typically lasts 1 month. For under a £ a day! surely that's worth it to give yourself the best chance of great health. (And maybe save some money by not so many visits to the coffee shop!)

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