Himalayan Crystal Salt

As common as saltshakers are to our kitchen, so are the numbers of diseases associated with salt’s use, our consumption of salt is slowly killing us!. Why is that?  because many people are not aware that our regular table salt is not the substance that our bodies need, it has nothing in common with natural crystal salt. Common table Salt is mainly Sodium Chloride and not actually REAL salt. Natural crystal salt consists not only of TWO but all of the EIGHTY plus natural elements.

These elements are identical to the those of which our bodies have been built with and were originally found existing in the "primal ocean" from where all life originated.

Our body is a sole, containing the same solution as that of the primal sea, a fluid consisting of water and salt. It also has the same ratio of concentration that existed in the days when life left the primal sea. This sole flows through more than 56,000 miles of waterways and blood vessels throughout our body with the forces of gravity regulating and balancing the functions of our body.

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