Apricot Kernel Vegicaps (120)

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These Vegetable based capsules contain powdered Bitter Apricot Kernels* Convenient capsules containing approximately 450mg* of powder (about 1 1/2 ground bitter apricot kernels).

Very Important Notes (Please Read)

The EU has set a legal limit of amygdalin (B17) to 20mg per kg of product for apricot kernels & bitter almonds when being sold as a food product to be eaten in it's raw state. The Shalkur variety of kernels use to make the powder contained in our gelatin & vegetable based capsules are a very bitter variety indicating that they may contain as much as 150mg of amygdalin per kg, so therefore not now allowed to be marketed or sold as food.

Therefore, it is made clear that these capsules are offered for the convenience of obtaining pre-ground apricot kernels in small encapsulated amounts for uses other than direct ingestion.

Advice relating to apricot kernels and bitter almond kernels following changes to advice by the Food Standards Agency in 2016
Bitter apricot and almond kernels, contain high amounts of the naturally-occurring substance called amygdalin. Full postings can be found at the UKFSA and EUFSA webpages.

The advice applies to raw, unprocessed apricot kernels, bitter almond kernels and powdered forms of them, and suggests they not be eaten.

However, Apricot kernels are widely used as an ingredient in the making of natural face masks and exfoliating body scrubs and other cosmetic uses.

Apricot Kernels and Bitter Almonds are also used as flavouring in foods. These flavoured products are safe to eat because the kernels have been heated. This seems to indicate that they can be used along with other ingredients in baked and cooked foods.

The purchaser of this item confirms that they have read and understood the above. It is also accepted that Apricotshop, its owners and / or affiliates are not offering any advice as to product use or make claims relating to health or other benefits.

Apricotshop, as a responsible business provide details within all product descriptions in good faith and for informational purposes only. They do however, respect the rights of the individual and request that prospective purchasers of any Apricot Kernel product to do their own research and check other sources of information before hand and also encourage responsible use of the product.

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