Apricot Kernel Granules - Bitter

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Bitter Apricot Kernel Granules 60g
Raw and Freshly Prepared

Bitter Apricot Kernels look like tiny little almonds, but they shouldn’t be confused with them! They are the seeds from inside stones at the heart of apricots and have a brown colour. The Bitter Apricot Kernels used to make this product have high levels of B17 (amygdalin) in them.

Once sold as food suitable for human consumption in its raw state. These granules are made from apricot kernels which may contain up to 150mg/kg amygdalin, the FSA (Food Standards Agency) has set a maximum level of 20mg/kg for all apricot kernels sold for human consumption.raw. This is part of EC regulation 2017/1237.

Please [Click Here] to read the letter issued by the FSA.

In order to remain compliant with the FSA, we only sell Bitter Apricot Kernel Powder as a cosmetic product that is widely used in body scrubs, facial scrubs and as a beauty exfoliation ingredient. It can be easily used for this purpose, either alone, with our Fine Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt and/or add some Coconut Oil to create a beautiful and all natural body scrub to keep your skin healthy and glowing!

The Bitter Apricot Kernels used for this powder are of Greek origin.

As a responsible supplier, where we provide product details, (in printed and electronic form), it is done in good faith and for educational purposes only. We do however, believe that the rights of the individual be respected and request that purchasers of any apricot kernel or other product, do thier own research and check other sources of information and encourage responsible use of these prooducts.

By purchasing this item you are accepting that Kernelshop, its owners or affiliates are not offering advice, as to it's use or making claims of any health or other benefits.


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