Colloidal Silver (200ml)

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Colloidal silver is one of the natural allies in the fight against virus and bacterial overgrowth. It works by blocking the oxygen absorption of these organisms and kills them. Also as an anti-Fungal/anti-Candida agent, Colloidal Silver is a welcome addition to any bathroom cabinet.

Add to a spray bottle and use for all your bathroom and kitchen disinfecting jobs.

Due to restrictive EU legislation we are unable to directly tell you about it's many other applications and benefits, therefore you will have to do your own research :-( (See below).

Further information can be found [HERE] colloidal, silver, colloidal silver, anti bacterial, anti viral, virus, fungal, candida

If you wish to read about the experiences other people have and what else they have used this product for. this can be found [HERE]


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