Colloidal Silver (500ml)

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LIMITED TIME OFFER (while stocks last) - FREE EMPTY 100ML HANDY SPRAY BOTTLE WITH ANY ORDER WHICH INCLUDES A 500ML BOTTLE OF COLLOIDAL SILVER. Ideal for disinfecting surfaces around the house or to carry when out and about for disinfecting hands on the go, without the worry of absorbing excessive amounts of Alcohol and other Chemicals when using commercial hand sanitisers.

Colloidal silver is one of the natural allies in the fight against virus and bacterial overgrowth.

It works by blocking the oxygen absorption of these organisms and kills them.

Also as an anti-fungal/anti-Candida agent, colloidal silver is a welcome addition to any bathroom cabinet.

Add to a spray bottle and use for all your bathroom and kitchen disinfecting jobs.

Colloidal Silver is an antibacterial mineral solution containing silver ions & very small charged silver particles suspended (normally) in distilled water. As the particles have the same electrostatic charge, they repel each other thus keeping them in uniform suspension throughout the liquid. That's what colloid is. The Amber Colloidal Silver we supply contains both ionic and particulate silver at an approximate ratio of 80% ionic & 20% particulate silver. It is important to note that the silver particles are not actually dissolved but held in suspension by electrostatic charges. Without them, it would not be a colloid and not true Colloidal Silver. Although silver ions are important, a 100% solution of silver ions cannot be called Colloidal Silver.Various names have been used to describe Colloidal Silver, such as Silver Sols. It is sometimes referred to as “Nano Silver” as the particles are in the range of 1 to 40 nm (Nanometres) or .001 to .04 um (Micrometres).

Due to restrictive EU legislation we are unable to directly tell you about it's many other applications and benefits, therefore you will have to do your own research :-( (See below).

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